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Fishing Beautiful Delaware County

Enjoy the many different ways to experience a beautiful day of Delaware County Fishing. Maybe you would like to hike a small mountain feeder stream in search of native brook trout, canoe the West or east branch of the Delaware looking to cast a fly into home of a Big Brown or Rainbow Trout. Or maybe spend a lazy summer afternoon, drifting on one of the scenic New York City reservoirs. Delaware County offers an array of possibilities with many public access fishing areas right in your own back yard. To find a place to wet a line Click the Public Fishing Areas Button to the Right.

Fishing News

DEP opens the Cannonsville to motors - and watershed land to trails

Apply For a DEP Acess  Permit

License Information

Public Fishing Areas

Lure of the Month-PHOEBOE

The ACME Phoebe Lures are a versatile casting lure/spoon suitable for a wide variety of species. The unique curvature of the Phoebe produces a spinning/wobbling action that drives fish crazy. The profile of this lure paired with the stamped scale pattern and fins creates a 3-d illusion that looks like a plump full bodied baitfish.

The ACME Phoebe Lures are a available in five sizes for anything from trout and panfish to salmon and saltwater species. The 1/12 oz. and 1/8 oz. sizes are also deadly when vertically jigged ice fishing.